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About Lourdes Juan

What does a spa, an urban planning consultancy and a bus loaded with fruits and veggies have in common? Lourdes Juan builds teams that solve problems.

Lourdes is a Calgary-based entrepreneur and Urban Planner, with a Masters in Environmental Design, who oversees dozens of staff and hundreds of volunteers at the diverse companies and non-profits she has founded including Soma Hammam & SpaHive DevelopmentsLeftovers Foundation and Fresh Routes.

Shocked at how much unsold bread a single bakery in Calgary had at closing time, Lourdes founded Leftovers in 2012. Today, the large charity works with hundreds of Alberta restaurants, bakeries and grocers to keep tons of edible food out of landfills annually. This food is saved by repurposing it through partnerships with local businesses, or redirecting excess food to hungry Canadians who need it the most. Leftovers currently operates in Alberta and Manitoba with plans to expand globally.

In 2019, Lourdes and her team launched Fresh Routes in Calgary and Edmonton, a social enterprise that creates new ways of providing healthy and affordable food to Canadians including via Calgary’s first mobile grocery store.

Through her work at Leftovers and Fresh Routes, Lourdes is committed to creatively addressing food insecurity and food access across Canada.